Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to Knit a Pair of Boots

I've been posting what I call quirky knitting projects on my blog since 2010. I'm fascinated by the technical challenges these projects present the knitter and I'm convinced this group of knitters think in a more sculptural fashion than those of us who make garments based on flat pattern drafting designs. I'm not generally interested in spending time on these projects but I keep looking at the boots in the photo. I'm due to clean out my shoe collection soon and if I find an appropriate base I'm tempted to give this project a try. The instructions can be found here

I had trouble finding a Ravelry page for this version, however I ended up searching by the designers name and found this. It's a slightly different version and links to an unfortunately broken link.

If you'd like to see more quirky knitting projects go here to my index and go down the page to: Quirky Knitting. At the top of the page I also have a category for Art (knitting as art) which you might find interesting.


  1. Lily chin has a pattern for knitted shoes in one of her books

    1. OK thanks, I just looked at them on Ravelry.

  2. I love stuff like this! I recently made slippers for my husband that probably qualify as "quirky."
    Re: boots, Teva Durham has a cute pattern in her Loop-d-Loop crochet book. Unfortunately a) it's technically crochet, not knitting, and b) no good photo online, but basically they remind me of Ugs

  3. Darn, even the two projects didn't add in photos. I'll see if I can find a copy of the book. I can do really simple crochet.