Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Speed up Blocking with a Blow Dryer or a Fan

We've all done it. We finish a project just in the nick of time and want to wear it ASAP!  We block it and convince ourselves it will dry in time...but it doesn't. Here's a little trick to speed up the process. Use your blow dryer. You need to use a little caution and care with this method as the last thing you want to do is burn your precious knitting. The trick to avoid using too much heat is to keep your hand on the work where you are directing the dryer. If your hand gets uncomfortable, the blow dryer is too close to the knitting. Either turn the heat down or move the dryer further away. I don't recommend using this method on synthetics as they have a much lower burning or melting threshold. Natural fibres, especially wool will tolerate higher temperatures.

Another method you can use is to set up a fan to blow on your project. The last time I had a professional painter in, the final thing he did was to set up large fans in the room. He came back 3 hours later to pick them up. Not only was everything dry but the paint smell had already started to dissipate. 

ETA:  Marsha from the Needle Arts Bookshop sent me this note, "Though I use a large fan all the time for knitting, thanks for the idea of using the hair dryer - great for getting a swatch dried quickly so I can get knitting the main project!" I never thought of doing this for swatching, what a great idea.

Note: Last Friday's contest winner has been notified and will be receiving an ebook copy of She Makes Hats.

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