Monday, October 14, 2013

Upcoming classes at Linda's Craftique

I'm booked to teach two classes at Linda's Craftique.

I hope to see some of my local readers there.

October 26th, 10am-5pm (with a break for lunch)
Gloves 101

What’s better than knitting socks? Gloves of course! Class members will learn all the basics of glove construction in this workshop aimed at the beginner glove knitter. Students will work through a mini glove sampler to practice the skills required from cast on to shaping and finishing fingertips.

Supplies required: Students should bring 100% wool in a worsted weight yarn. Light colours are recommended. Needles required are 5 or 6 inch double pointed ones in a 5 needle set. They should be in a non-slippery material like wood or bamboo. Needle size should be appropriate to the weight of the yarn according to the knitter's style and leaning towards a tighter gauge. Bring a sewing up needle, some markers and a little bit of waste yarn as well as the general supplies for any class: paper, pencils and scissors. 

November 23rd, 1-4pm
How You can get the Most out of Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns

Have you ever bought a multicolored yarn and then been unhappy with the results when you started knitting? It's time to learn about techniques for working with hand painted and multicolored yarns. Topics covered will include: types of colour repeats, types of stitch categories to show off the yarn to its best advantage, how to mix with solid yarns and how to choose lace patterns that work.

Supplies required: Multicolored yarn and solid colour yarn in small amounts, appropriate size needles, stitch dictionaries and the general supplies for any class: paper, pencils and scissors.

If you would like to see me teaching at your local shop please let your LYS owner know you are interested. Thanks

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