Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Importance of Clothing

I'm a big believer in always dressing well and appropriately for whatever you are doing. Lack of interest in grooming is so critical it shows up in mental health assessments from depression to dementia as one of the diagnostic criteria. I've always felt that we tell the world a lot about ourselves by the way we choose to present in terms of clothing and grooming. I don't think is so much about looking attractive as it is about showing others we value ourselves highly enough to put an effort into our appearance.

There's a really interesting article on the topic here. Some of what I found most fascinating in the post is that how we dress can also impact our performance. It can alter our thinking and change our results. Clothing can have an effect on more than just the way others perceive us.

I think I had better change out of my P.J.s and get some work done.

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