Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Knitting Myths - The Sweater Curse

It's a well known knitting myth that knitting a sweater for a significant other before marriage can lead to the knitting curse that the relationship will break up. There is even a Ravelry group testing the curse. You can find it here. There's another group for believers of the curse here.

The belief in this curse is so pervasive there is a Wikipedia page here. That page does give some alternative explanations for the myth.

Has it happened to me you ask? Unfortunately yes! Do I believe the myth? No, but then I'm not really the superstitious type.


  1. As a variant on the myth, my son has noted that every time I have knit a gift for his girlfriend, they have broken up within a month. I do ask his permission before taking on the project, but he is feeling the "curse"!

  2. ahhh I am not into curses...but I do love this sweater....