Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Shawls with Garter Stitch Tab Starts

Recently I had a question on how to knit shawls that start from a garter stitch tab.  I've done so many shawls with this technique that I completely forgot how confusing it can be to knitters if it is a new method to them.  The question was via email so to be able to answer quickly I goggled and came up with three different web sites that all have great explanations and pictures as well. You can find them here, here and here.  I've included all three because each one explains the process in a slightly different way and that really helps when the method is new to you. We knitters all have slight variations in our methods and I think it is important to sort out which is best for you. I use the third version (Damp City Knits) with a different provisional cast on. I use waste yarn, I knit two rows in stocking stitch and then change to my project yarn, The reason for waste yarn is that I can then clearly see where I have to pick up the 3 stitches in the project yarn. I love tricksy knitter's photo because of how her added lines give such clarity to understanding how the tab works in relationship to the complete shawl. West Knits has great photos of the steps to create the tab. I hope these will help you if you are new to this technique.

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