Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mainstream Fashion Hand Knits


I'm always curious to see high end retail hand knits. There are not a lot of items in this category and they seem to exist at two ends of the spectrum. Classic designs or totally out there designs that have most of us shaking our heads and wondering "what were they thinking".

The photos included in this post are from Neiman Marcus and can be found here.  I found this garment very interesting. It has combined what appears to be three weights of yarn in one garment. I think there are actually two weights with one double stranded to make a third.

The increases in the center panel are very visible and I suspect they are meant to be. The garment is interesting but my guess would be that a knitter would never make something like this for themselves as it some ways it appears technically flawed to those of us who have spent time perfecting our technique. 

I'm currently swatching an accessories idea that plays with varying numbers of strands of yarn, which may explain why this garment is thought provoking for me.

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