Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I updated my class notes for Gloves 101 in preparation for Vogue Live in Chicago. I originally wrote the class notes in the format that asked students to do homework. The homework was to knit the cuff and then in class we would be able to move directly into technique. I'm now doing that class with no homework.

Over the last few years I stopped doing single item classes with homework for a number of reasons. 

Here's why, both pros and cons. Please add to my list in the comments.


Class members like to go home with an at least partially completed item.
It gives students a feeling of accomplishment.
Everyone is ready to leap into the new information part of the class.


Event planners don't like us to assign homework.
Many knitters won't register for classes with homework due to time constraints.
Knitters can't register at the last minute. 
Classes sometimes get cancelled for various reasons.
Knitters tell me they haven't always used all of the homework in some classes.
Some knitters turn up without having done the homework.
Some knitters turn up with homework incorrectly done.

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  1. Well, there you have it - Ben Franklin would say No Homework.