Monday, September 10, 2012

Plus Size Patterns

Deb Gemmell and I worked together on a collection of plus size patterns. I'm thrilled to say we have been getting some really good buzz on the patterns. Sales have been brisk and we have separated one of the patterns out as a single. (The pattern and it's link are above.)

One piece of feedback that we have been getting is that several of the models are true plus sizes and our audience appreciates that. One of my friends told me how much she loved the cover shot of the collection for this reason. This is something Deb and I talked about at the very beginning of our design process. We looked at a lot of patterns that target plus sizes and Deb noticed a detail that I had completely missed. All of the models in plus size patterns, while clearly not standard model thin, had hour glass figures. Most of my friends who are pluses carry their weight in several different figure shapes. Some are hourglasses but others are pears or apples. Deb and I measured anyone who would let us and we discovered large variations in other areas. As an example one model who has a bust measurement 10 inches larger than mine had an upper arm one inch smaller than mine. It was clear from our measurements, that the variation in shape is wider among plus sizes.

The finished bust measurement on all of the patterns runs from 44 - 61. Some of the models fall into the smaller sizes. The collection gives  many details on how to adapt for specific variations. 

Julie from Knitting at Large has started a KAL here. Both Deb and I are moderators and will be helping out whenever we can.

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