Monday, August 6, 2012

Knitting Tips - The Aesthetics

Knitting has its own mix of classic and trendy pieces that move in and out of both mainstream and knitting fashion. Berets and scarves never go completely out of style, but the details do change over time. Often the silhouette is what makes an item classic vs. trendy. Think slouchy beret vs. standard fit and infinity scarf or neck-warmer vs. the basic rectangle shape.

We spend a lot of time on our projects and want to get a good ratio of time spent knitting to time spent wearing the finished product as well as longer wear-ability for the more expensive yarns. Give some consideration to the long term appeal of the most time consuming projects and/or extravagant yarns to ensure your time is well spent.

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  1. Oh, so true. Remember the ponchos a few years back? I knew that if I took the time to knit one, it wouldn't be fashionable by the time I finished. So I bought an inexpensive one, wore it, and now it's history. It's important to make wise choices with our knitting time!