Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Years Ago......

Part of the motivation for this blog was to provide a way of tracking my development as a knitting professional. I occasionally go back and read old posts. I find the interviews are often even more enlightening now that I have more experience regarding the topics the interviewees discuss. In some cases I've since developed a personal relationship with them so it's fun to reread in that new context. 

Some of my older posts give me ideas for new posts, especially if I have learned something that I want to bring to my readers attention. Sometimes I just feel I have more to say on a given topic.

Old posts often suddenly pop to the top of the list of what's being read. Sometimes I can tell why and at others it's a complete mystery. Old interviews do the same thing, sometimes it's because the subject has published a book or their new design is hot or they are teaching at an upcoming knitting event.

Two years ago this month I interviewed: Marnie MacLean, Stefanie Japel, Nicky Epstein and Beth Brown-Reinsel.

You can read them now if you missed the original posts.


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