Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Knitting Perfectionism

I've recently started a series of posts as a design a long. I'm well aware that most knitters don't want to design from scratch, they just want to knit. My focus will be to help knitters understand pattern drafting for the purpose of modifying existing patterns to personalize them. I’ll give you the basic skills so that you can design from scratch but the real goal is to use this knowledge to take existing patterns and modify and adjust them for perfect fit as well as to flatter our individual bodies. The target garment is a basic cardigan with a set in sleeve and a classic silhouette. I picked this garment as it gives me the opportunity for the highest level of fit in a single sweater. I originally learned to draft patterns when I was sewing, purely so I would have the ability to modify patterns to fit me. I also wanted to be able to do simple things like change a neckline on a pattern that had all of other features I wanted. Some of what I will cover will be fairly complex but broken down step by step none of it is difficult. 

I have so much fun with knitting my own garments and wearing them, that I want all of you to enjoy the process and the end result just as much as I do. 

Too many Knitters suffer from perfectionism, when it comes to making garments you will sometimes knit things that are not perfect or even more likely don’t totally align with the internal vision you had of the garment. The sooner you accept this, the faster you can get on with making improvements and learning, rather than giving up. You’ll never be 100% sure a pattern will work out to be perfect in advance, but you can always be 100% sure doing nothing to modify it will make it more likely. So get on with customizing the pattern. Either you will succeed or you will learn vital lessons that will make the next project better.

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