Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Styles of Learning for Knitters

Have you ever thought about how you learn and how that may be affecting your knitting? It is not news to most of us that we have preferences in how we like to receive new information.

You can take a test here ( to determine your learning style.

Once you know your style you can use that information to improve your learning opportunities. 

These are my results: 

You can see that I am very visual so charts and diagrams work for me but not at all aural so music and rhymes will not help me to learn. I'm high on the physical learning which makes sense as I am a swatcher. I think we know many knitters do not enjoy swatching but most designers do. I also lean towards solitary learning. That one was a surprise to me because I'm very social and extroverted but it is true that I like to sit down alone and work things out by myself. I also love teaching classes, however when I took classes I often worked through the notes again when I was alone. I thought I was doing that to reinforce my learning but after doing the test I think maybe I didn't understand my own motivation for re- reading class notes. I do know I always want good notes as reference from every class I take.

What about you? What's your learning style and how will you use that to improve your knitting?


  1. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing this. I took the test and found the results really interesting.

  2. Funny, your learning style sounds just like mine. I will take the test. I found in College I learned best at home. There was nothing in the classroom (theory part) that I couldn't learn better at home. (I am a nurse)

    I will take this test and see what style I am according to it.

  3. Oh too bad, the page is "Not found"

    1. I added the link as a visible one. I'm still able to get in but I did have to provide my email address.

  4. Oh well, can't seem to find it.