Monday, October 24, 2011

Could it be?

Recently I had my copy of Montse Stanley's book, the Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook, laying open on the table in front of me when I noticed a familiar face. This looks like a very young Kate Moss. I wasn't able to come up with anything to confirm that it is her. The design shown comes from Rowan 10. 

According to Wikipedia "Moss was discovered in 1988 at the age of 14 by Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm Model Management, at JFK Airport in New York City, after a holiday in the Bahamas. Moss's career began when Corinne Day shot black-and-white photographs of her, styled by Melanie Ward, for British magazine The Face when she was 16". Perhaps that is just a little bit of fashion folklore? The book was published in 1986.


  1. Hi Robin:

    I've been a reader of your blog for several months and I think I am in the same place as you as far as
    "career transition, personal development and the search for fulfillment!" I too am trying to transition into professional knitting and I love your interviews and discussions about patterns.
    I actually have that issue of Rowan and apparently it's a collector's item--who knew? Rowan only has one copy left that they keep in a glass case in their offices (found this out from one of their designers at a knitting convention)!
    Isn't that wild? Anyway, keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Robin,

    I'm reading through past posts on your blog (which I love, by the way) and yes, this is Kate Moss in Rowan Magazine 10. I don't have the issue, but supposedly it's a very beautiful one.