Monday, June 6, 2011

Cool Yarn Bombing

The knitting for this bombing took about four weeks of almost continuous work.  It's 80 feet long, and was knitted in 10 sections.  The Knitter's plan was to bomb the 10 loops of the Berkeley Public Library bike rack. There was a group of 5 people to help with the sewing up of the knitting.  Two documentary makers also turned out to watch the installation.

This yarn bomber chooses to be anonymous, however you can read all about the project on the blog  here

In response to the question: Why are you doing this? Streetcolor says "I really like the idea of people running into art on the street while they are just in their regular life, of art being ordinary but provocative and beautiful.It does surprise the folks who notice the poles and they usually seem very pleased by them. To make art and be able to immediately interact with another person about it is unusual and satisfying. I’ve made so much art and sold it and never known how anyone felt about it. And finally, it is so much fun to do this much knitting."

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