Monday, March 28, 2011

Did you notice?

I got my issue of Knitters in the mail last Wednesday. My sharp eyed friend Wanda noticed something that I didn't. This is the Winter 2010 issue. Huh??? 

I checked their website it says: "This issue features an array of multi-season knits and a few that are definitely cold weather fare." There is no reference to the lateness of the issue and when we can expect the next one to be sent out. With the exception of a linen skirt and 2 short sleeved items this looks like a winter issue to me.

I looked on Ravelry  but it seems that no one else noticed either. Does anyone know what's going on?   - ETA I found info on Ravelry here.

I've sent them an email questioning why the issue is so late and when I should expect the next one. I'll update this post if I hear back from them.

ETA. I have gotten a response to my query which was: "The issue I just received is Winter 2010. What's going on? When will the spring issue be out?"

The answer from them is: "We have it scheduled to go to the printer May 9. Due to the immense size of the Fall issue, we fell behind. We are trying to get back on schedule by fall of this year."

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