Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Evelyn Howard Scarf, and More Secrets Revealed

I've continued working on the design, reached the middle point and started my decreases. I'm loving it, the colour variations are gorgeous and when I lay my gloves against the knitting they look beautiful.

I was innocently knitting away when I  made my first big mistake. Duh, I know better! I didn't do a sample of the final point just before casting off. I got cocky and thought I could wing it at the end working the chart and the knitting together like I did on the first point. So I tore back and tried it a few times eventually getting an acceptable point but not completely symmetrical with the first point. I realized I needed a new mid-point strategy.  I blocked it anyway. I had planned for the point of the triangle to line up with a point in the sawtooth lace but once I got to the end I realized it just wouldn't work because I run out of stitches on the decreases before I get the the right spot to start the final tip of the scarf. Please imagine me banging my forehead on the table in front of me as I type this and repeat to myself that a failure to plan is a plan to fail.

I worked more samples and the corresponding charts are created and I dig through my stash for a fresh skein of sock yarn. Which I then have to swatch to make sure the same needle size will create the same fabric. In the end I'm happy with the fabric even though I get a slightly different gauge.So I started again with Dream in Color's Starry in a Fuchsia colourway called Ruby River. Now I reveal another secret. Yes, I do have gloves to match. I have a thing for coloured gloves. I am a "matchanista", something that only people who have seen me in real life know. 

The exciting conclusion of the Evelyn Howard scarf will be coming soon, as soon as I finish knitting the second sample that is. 

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