Monday, March 8, 2010

Real Women are Welcome in the Knitting World

This is a guest post (via email) from my dear friend of many years Wanda. Wanda's been knitting for over 10 years now and qualifies as having a real women's body. She is always beautifully dressed and very carefully chooses patterns to flatter her curves. She has been known to frog an entire sweater if it didn't live up to her exacting standards and re knit the yarn into something else that she is proud to wear.

Wanda says in her email "Something struck me today as I was looking at knitting patterns and I thought it might prove food for thought for a future blog for you. Knitting seems to me to be the only fashion -related activity that actually welcomes real women. When you look at knitting patterns you are more likely to see real women wearing the sweaters and not skinny, young models. Even the magazines more and more include models of all ages. On Ravelry, again women of all ages and sizes, proudly display (on themselves) their creations. Most designers now actually give thought as to how to make their knitting patterns include many sizes and designers like Sally Melville (in her most recent book in particular), have books out that teach you how to alter patterns to fit you (she has also given "lengthen and shorten here" instructions in her patterns for years). It's also through trial and error that many knitters learn about their body shape and what is flattering and what is not as we think about what is on our needles for a long time and actually look at it on us once it's finished. It's rather liberating to be involved in a fashion-related activity that welcomes a "one size does not fit all" world. It's food for thought (and I won't be insulted if you don't use the idea!). :-) "

The photos of the happy knitters came from the March 5th Knitting Daily and they have so much more to
share with us than the usual fashion shots.

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