Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is it you do for a living?

As I've been making the transition from working for someone else to full time Professional Knitter I've noticed how often we are asked "what do you do for a living. So naturally I've been thinking about what my answer will become. I read an article sometime ago that said it's important to label your self correctly not so much for others but for yourself and for your internal identity. The theory is that you are what you say you are. My friends and family all know what my future plans are but it's not something that I share when people ask me what I do.
Yesterday someone who sees me on the elevator and often compliments me on items I'm wearing looked at me and said are "you in the arts"? I paused for a moment and said "Yes, I'm currently launching my own line of hand knit patterns". Then I floated out of the elevator on amazing high with a smile on my face and thought to myself.

"YES!!! That's what I do for a living".

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  1. I got stuck on one date for your blog and wondered where you had gone to. Now I realized I have missed several weeks of postings. I'm back in the loop again now. Congratulations on your patterns on Patternfish. They look terrific! I love the pinwheel cardigan, fabulous. Carry on the great work. -Deb