Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Knitting Humour

I'm working on a post about the disrespect knitters get from the non-knitting world. During my research I came upon

A few of the entries follow:

sockrilege - A combination of socks and sacrilege. Disrespect, misuse, or theft of hand-knitted socks, perhaps some of the most important objects in the universe -- with the exception of towels.
e.g., I can't believe he shrunk the socks that I just finished knitting, in the wash, again. Desecration! Infidel! Blasphemer! He shall surely pay for these acts of sockrilege.

sockrifice - A combination of "sock" and "sacrifice." What every knitter must endure when giving away the fruits of her labours in hopes of gaining the favour of the knitting powers that be.
e.g., Yes, indeed, my children, it was quite a sockrifice to give away those handmade cashmere argyles, but our endeavours shall be rewarded with the greater growth of our yarn stashes. Hankelujah.

hankelujah - A combination of hank, as in a "hank of yarn" and "hallelujah." A joyful exultation uttered by knitters in enthusiasm over expansive gains made to their personal yarn stash.
e.g., Wow, Maggie, you just added 50 balls of Kroy sock yarn to your stash? Hankelujah.

knat - Past tense of knit. Saves paper and ink.
e.g., She knat that sweater for me when I was a child.

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