Friday, July 10, 2009

I Have a Cat Problem

Her name is Gracie.

Don't be fooled by that sweet little face. She eats yarn! No she is not cute when she does it. She does not play with the balls of yarn. She sneaks up quietly and when you least expect it she chews the strand of yarn leading from the current project to the ball that it was flowing from. All Knitters who visit my home must be warned as they take their knitting out of their bags. Sometimes I forget to tell them and she attacks quickly and quietly. I also have to explain to all our visitors why we have no toilet paper in the holder. It's because she eats that too. No it's not like the cute kittens in the commercial who unroll the paper Gracie chews it up and shreds it into little bits that she leaves all over the bathroom floor. Does anyone share my pain?

1 comment:

  1. I was visiting a friend the other day, and her puppy grabbed my yarn ball and ran through the house with it! It was a center pull ball, and he had the outside of it in his mouth, so it just kept unwinding and unwinding.....