Thursday, June 11, 2009

In the beginning....

I've got lots & lots of knitting friends now.

Some of the ones who didn't knit I turned into knitters. Originally I was an isolated Knitter. There was no internet (now you know I'm not that young anymore) and the only people that I knew that knit were related to me. Today I'm a member of a large guild, the DKC as well as a small group we call KNIT or Knitting Night in Toronto. We meet once a month for dinner and have done so for many years now. Originally the discussions were all about knitting but over the years the conversations have begun to cover a much larger range of topics. The glue that holds us together is knitting as we vary in many ways but I've forged long term relationships with these women and look forward to seeing them every month. It's just knitting but it brings an amazing treasure trove of other riches into my life.

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