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I've been knitting my whole life. I don't even remember learning. I started making garments for myself in my teens and then explored sewing, tailoring, pattern drafting and millinery. I want to teach knitters about fit and flattery and turn them into fashion stars! I left the corporate world to pursue full time knitting design, blogging and teaching in the spring of 2010.

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The Barbie Factor:
This presentation focuses on the issues around body image and how it relates to our knitting projects. We'll review why clothing and fashion are important, why we feel uncomfortable with our appearance, what we can do to feel better and how this all relates back specifically to the knitting community.

Confessions of an Obsessive Knitter:

Join Robin in an exploration of why we are addicted to our knitting. Why do we invest the time, effort and money to do something that most non-knitters see as a waste of resources. Robin will be examining our diverse motivations which include our health, our sense of community, artistic expression and much more.

The Path of the Professional:

Have you ever dreamed of turning your love of knitting into a career? Robin is ready to share the inside scoop on the challenges, the choices, the opportunities and the rewards encountered along the way.
She'll do this by telling her story and comparing her path to that of a few of the other designers in her Pro-Knitters networking group.

How to get the Most out of Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns:

Have you ever bought a multi-coloured yarn and then been unhappy with the results when you started knitting? It’s time to learn about techniques for working with hand painted and multi-coloured yarns. Topics covered will include types of colour repeats and the stitch categories to show off the yarn to its best advantage, how to mix with solid yarns and how to choose lace patterns that work.

The Fudge Factor (Recommended for Advanced Knitters):

Have you ever wanted to use a specific pattern and work in a gauge different to the one the pattern was written for? There is a way! Robin will walk you through the process to "fudge" the pattern instructions. We'll go step by step through ease and fibre considerations, how to rework the numbers, analyze stitch repeats and use knitters graph paper for easy visualizations of pattern angles and curves. Caution this presentation does contain math!

Knitting as Meditation, One Stitch at a Time:

Knitters come to the craft for many reasons but the one thing all knitters can agree on is, it is a calming practice. The effect is the most powerful when repeating the basic knit stitch over and over. The repetition of the rhythmic  movements have been shown to cause the relaxation response. Some research has found knitting can change brainwave patterns producing, in many individuals, a higher Alpha-wave output than yoga or meditation. The end result is an increased ability to focus, calmness, emotional freedom and personal power due to the act of creation.

This presentation includes a guided knitting meditation.

Critical Concepts in Garment Making: 

This presentation covers ten critical concepts for successful garment making. Robin shares the experience and knowledge gained from her years of garment making and pattern drafting. You will learn about flat pattern drafting, gauge, ease and fit.  You will leave with a better understanding of where patterns fail and why; as well as what you can do about it. 

What the Pattern Doesn't Tell You:
Knitting patterns are like recipes, full of terminology and instructions that assume you know things you might not yet have encountered in your knitting experience. Join Robin to learn all of her tips and techniques that will make your projects even better. She will share the details that aren’t in the pattern. You'll learn how to choose patterns and supplies to knit with confidence. There will be quick tips on how to cast on without a knot, make the cast off edge square, how to cast on large numbers of stitches and much much more. This talk was developed as a response to all the questions that knitters ask.

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A Tale of Two Yarns - Strategies for Successful Yarn Substitution Knitters have the best probability of a successful project the more closely they match the yarn used in the original design. We'll cover critical factors including: thickness of the yarn, fiber content, and the yarn’s structure and texture. Join Robin to learn which rules to apply and when to break them in this presentation on yarn substitution for adventurous knitters.


Comments from:  Roberta McDonald President OAK C after my presentation there.

Just wanted to let you know that your presentation was very well received Tuesday night.

At the end of the meeting there were many compliments floating around the room regarding both the content and your actual presentation manner...knowledgeable, upbeat, informative, relaxed, organized and many more. Since then I received several emails  Wednesday and more comments during another gathering on Thursday and now I find more in my email today.😊

Thank you once again for an informative evening that was most enjoyable to boot!

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