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I've been knitting my whole life. I don't even remember learning. I started making garments for myself in my teens and then explored sewing, tailoring, pattern drafting and millinery. I want to teach knitters about fit and flattery and turn them into fashion stars! I left the corporate world to pursue full time knitting design, blogging and teaching in the spring of 2010.

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Teaching and Speaking

I’ve been teaching locally in the Toronto area for many years, most often at The Toronto Knitters Guild events as well as the Toronto Board of Education and Village Yarns. I’ve also done a number of lecture events at both the TKG and other Ontario Guilds as well as appearing at Vogue Live in Chicago.

Comments from the TKG newsletter
“Robin Hunter’s inspiring talk, “The Barbie Factor,” left everyone in a feel-good mood at the conclusion of the May meeting. Heads were nodding in agreement all around ... as she tackled a multi-faced problem faced by many knitters—why don’t we knit for ourselves? She touched on many topics including fashion, body image, media and how it all relates back to our knitting.”

Classes Available:

Proportions for EveryBody (4 hours for 8 students or less)
Are you frustrated by every figure analysis system? In this class, participants learn a simple objective method of figure analysis. Armed with this new knowledge, students will be better able to choose patterns to knit and will know where to make necessary adjustments, which will result in more flattering garments.

Creating Garments that Fit and Flatter (6 Hours)
We all want garments that fit and flatter but we don’t necessarily want to design each project from scratch. This class will give you all the skills you need to adjust existing patterns. We will cover how to make garments to fit at the bust, sit properly on your shoulders and adjust the sleeves caps to correspond.

How you can get the Most out of Hand Dyed and Variegated Yarns. (3 hours)
Learn about techniques for working with hand painted and multicoloured yarns. Topics covered will include: types of colour repeats, types of stitch categories to show off the yarn to its best advantage, how to mix with solid yarns and how to choose lace patterns that work.

Gloves 101 (6 hours)
What’s better than knitting socks? Gloves of course! Class members will learn all the basics of glove construction in this workshop aimed at the beginner glove knitter.

Band Practice (3 hours)
This class will cover the choice and execution of bands and borders. Topics covered will include: different ways of picking up stitches, how stitch to row ratios really work, both knit on and sewn on separate bands, as well as variations of knit-in borders.

Buttonhole Boot Camp (3 hours)
Are you afraid of buttonholes? You don't need to be. Join Robin to learn all about buttonholes. Learn how to choose which type to use, the pros and cons of various forms of construction, how to knit each type and much, much more.

Cardigan Queen (3 hours)
This class is for the knitter who is ready to take on the challenge of cardigans as well as for those who would like to improve their existing skills. We will be reviewing everything from good fit standards, what size to choose, figuring out ease requirements, details about shoulder fitting, fuller figure adjustments as well as buttonholes, borders and picking up stitches for bands.

Capology (2 Hours)
The most critical part of making a set-in sleeve garment both fit and flatter is the armhole and sleeve cap. Join Robin to find out how to customize patterns to fit perfectly in these crucial areas.

Zippity Do Dah! (2 Hours)
Have you struggled installing zippers in knitted garments? This class will give you all the tips and tricks for both regular zippers and invisible zippers for skirts.

No Turns Allowed (2 Hours)
Do you want to knit with bobbles, but are put off by the constant turning of the work back and forth? In this class you will learn all about knitting perfectly formed, perky bobbles as well as two techniques to create them with no turns required.

The Finishing Touches (3 hours)
All knitters can improve their finishing techniques with deliberate practice to build skill levels. Even though finishing is something done at the end of a project, planning ahead often results in an improved project. Testing alternative techniques on swatches allows knitters to choose the best possible method to match their personal knitting style, specific yarn and needle choices. Some of the topics covered in this class are: blocking and steam finishing techniques, selvedges, seaming, zipper installation, grafting stitches from a waste yarn base and a variety of quick tips. Not every step applies to each project and the order of execution may vary.

What the Pattern Doesn't Tell You (3 hours)
Knitting patterns are like recipes, full of terminology and instructions that assume you know things you might not yet have encountered in your knitting experience. Join me to learn all of my tips and techniques that will make your projects even better. I'll share with you the details that aren't in the pattern. Students will learn how to choose patterns and supplies to knit with confidence, cast on without a knot, make the cast off edge square, how to start a shawl from a garter stitch tab and much, much more. This class was developed as a response to all the questions that knitters ask me, so please come with your personal knitting questions.

What the Pattern Doesn't Tell You about Garments (3 hours)
Are you afraid to knit garments? This class tackles the details specific to garment making. You’ll learn how to choose a pattern with confidence, interpret schematics, how to determine the correct size to knit and many expert tips and tricks for successful bands and buttonholes.

Lace Knitting Perfected (3 hours)
Join Robin for a skill building class in lace knitting. You'll create a sample with three different lace stitch patterns. You'll learn how to produce elegant finished edges. You'll leave with the ability to avoid and correct errors and the confidence to tackle more complex projects.

Knitting Meditation (1 hour)
Science is proving that engaging in such activities as knitting calms the mind, reduces the effects of stress-related diseases and slows cognitive decline. Meditation is also recognized for its health related benefits. Join Robin for a one hour guided knitting meditation.

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